Too Early

She was born in 1949, eight months early for the second half of the Twentieth Century. She spent the rest of her life being early soshe spent the rest of her life waiting …waiting for others to catch up – to arrive – to understand.

 She walked faster than her husbands.

She tried to match her stride to theirs but she could not

so she developed the habit of waiting for them

at the next corner – at the next bend  – the next bench.


She finished her meals before others finished their salads so she had to sit with an empty plate in front of her and wait and watch other people chew.  She tried many ways to eat slower – chewing her food forty times like her toothless grandmother suggested – chop sticks – eating food she didn’t like.

Nothing worked.

 She always woke up before the house was ready to stir

and she had to tip toe about and do quiet things

until the rest of the world was ready

for her to make noise and bang pots together

and play her loud music and let the dogs bark.

 She will reach the end of her life before the ones she will leave behind. She will try to stay with them as long as she can.

She will do without cigarettes and alcohol and she will check her breasts in the shower and have bone density tests. She will drink green tea and do yoga and get plenty of fresh air

but she will die any way – too early.


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