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Things to do on Sifnos on a Windy Day

Find a sunny spot and drink Chai Tea

Watch the white caps dance across the Agaean 

Practice your Dancer’s Pose on a stonewall

Let the sound of the wind lullaby you to sleep and wake you up  again 

Don’t regret the walk you didn’t take or the souvenirs you didn’t buy for they can wait for tomorrow 

Just look at that Bougainvillea dancing up that stone wall

Breathe in gratitude

Breathe out regret. 


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Midnight in Apollonia

 In a murderous time

   the heart breaks and breaks

      and lives by breaking.

It is necessary to go

   through dark and deeper dark

      and not to turn.

-Stanley Kunitz

I walked home in darkness surrounded by new friends, laughter and the sound of startled goats.

Their bells clanged as they ran up the hill like apparitions in the moonlight. 

The path that had been long and unfamiliar just a day before now familiar even in darkness. 

There is a lesson there somewhere. 

Is the lesson about goats or friends or the tiny beams of shared light that illuminated the path?

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