I am an optimist and I am grateful. One of my favorite quotes (and I am sorry I can’t properly attribute it) is “when the soul wants to have an experience, she throws an image before her and moves into it.” I may have mangled that a bit, but you get the idea. If anyone knows the source of that quote, please comment. I have been throwing images before myself as long as I can remember. Mama called it daydreaming and building castles in the sky. She was right. But today I have the life I imagined. I don’t live in a castle…but I am married to a prince of a guy. (I nearly deleted that last line because it sounded so corny. I hope you’ll forgive a bit of saccharin sweetness.) Tomorrow is my birthday and I have been indulging in a bit of reflection. Another quote comes to mind. This one is from Natalie Goldberg. It is good advice – especially for a blocked writer like myself. “Continue under all circumstances. Do not be tossed away. Make a positive effort toward the good.”


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