Confessions of a Blocked Writer

As I was driving north up 270 before dawn this morning I decided that I could blog about my inability to write as a way to break though the paralysis that has plagued my attempts to write since November. Many thoughts pass through my mind during my early morning commute. These mental meanderings have materialized into various home improvement projects. My kitchen greenhouse window, refinished floors and new hot water heater were all “conceived” while dodging tractor trailers and listening to traffic on the eights on WTOP. Why not rekindle my writing the same way.

I could blame my writer’s block on dozens of things starting with that morning commute. I get up at 4:30 AM to avoid Beltway traffic. I work nine hours and then face another commute that takes me through a maze of Hot Lane construction on 495. By the time I get home I am too tired to write. As the distance between me and the blank page lengthens it becomes harder and harder to face it.

I know I’m not alone. Writers have faced this as long as there have been words. I would welcome suggestions from my writer friends. What do YOU do when your words abandon you?



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2 responses to “Confessions of a Blocked Writer

  1. Re-read my favourite books, and that failing I just try and write something completely different to the norm. It generally works, I also find trawling through the work of others and passing judgment really gets the creative fireworks exploding.

  2. Words never really abandon you. When they do, making them come back is easier than you’d think. But you are in deep trouble if imagination leaves you.

    More often than not, writer’s block comes not from creative blockage, but from our writing expectations and our fear of not getting there.

    My recommendation is to write, even if it’s not very good or even garbage. A terrible story can always be polished into a good one, but there must be a story first, right?

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