Questions for Myself

Pueblo members mourn loss of sacred land “blackened by Mother Nature.”

One says they won’t be able to do traditional dances without the deer and elk that live in that canyon.

What do YOU need to “dance your dance”?

Could you dance in a blackened canyon?

Could you dance if your sacred land had been destroyed by Mother Nature?

You are safe. You are untouched. Why don’t you dance?


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3 responses to “Questions for Myself

  1. mirdacia padilla

    Well first off you dont go and post something about someone before even asking them. second, you need to get you panties out of that wad its in, because we have been touched by this horrible fire u dont know nothing so i suggest you dont write nothing at all about anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brenda Mantz

    I am very sorry if my words offended you.

    I was in New Mexico during the fires and they made me very sad. I was touched by an article I read that included your words. I cared deeply.

    My question was to myself…with all I have what excuse do I have not to dance?

    My sincere apologies.

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