Winter Toes

I am blue this time of year. From my unpedicured toes to my runny nose. I miss the feel of the sun on my tanned legs. I miss the crunch of sand under my feet. I miss iced tea on the deck. I even miss the infernal roar of jet skies. I miss impromptu swims in the ponty pool. I miss languid afternoons on the Chesapeake Bay, patiently steering our Boston Whaler in perfect arcs while John watches unstuck lines. I miss warm evenings when the sun doesn’t dip behind the pines until nine o’clock. I miss pizza at D’Giovani’s Dock on the Bay and crabs at Stoney’s. I miss napping in the hammock. Spotting butterflies among the daylillies and watching osprey soar overhead.


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One response to “Winter Toes

  1. Great work I know what you mean but maybe not how you feel I miss it too thirty fourth and bway starbucks for smoothie washington square enchiladas bus senior half fare gelatos tomatos red hot wraps electricity bill jersey city ioo 99for 5 days down by the river the skyline dim in haze maybe clear as a bell an outdoor table for 2, hawaiian french toast I want my summer back…mosquitos.

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