Say it with Flowers….

After Gina left her alone Sasha sat down tentatively in the chair behind Melody’s desk. She noticed someone had brought her purse and computer case from her old desk. She unzipped the case and took out the laptop. It was still an hour until lunch but the privacy of her new office combined with an uncertainty about what she should be doing in it enticed her to open up revenge.docx and begin typing.

 As she began she heard the voice in her head again.  “Let’s see how your replacement handles this claim.”

 Joe Callahan stood at the plate glass window of his shop watching yet another motorcade snarl the traffic on M Street. “I should sell this business and move to the beach. This town is just too damned crowded.”  He spoke to no one in particular. The two women in the back of the florist shop were busy taking orders over the telephone and his driver was moving the afternoon deliveries from the front of the shop to the van that was double parked out front. Between the van and the motorcade cars were backed up all the way to 10th Street.

 “Mr. Callahan – call for you.” Irritated for no particular reason except that he was enjoying watching the traffic creep past his store he grunted and ambled to the back of the store.

 “Yeah? What do you want?” Callahan was a grouch. His customers knew that. His employees knew that. They expected it. That was part of his charm.  “I can’t hear you, lady. You gotta use your outside voice. Speak up.”  The call was a diversion. While he was distracted by the call a very ordinary looking gentleman in corduroy trousers and a cable knit pullover slipped into the shop and hid a tiny device among the lilies in an arrangement that was being delivered to the British Embassy that afternoon. He then slipped out again before Callahan slammed the received down in frustration.

 That evening there was a colossal explosion at the embassy. The blast was so loud it was heard on Capitol Hill and the damage so massive and widespread that traffic on Reservoir Road had to be diverted for two weeks.

 Sasha looked up to see Mr. Socket grinning at her from the doorway. “Wonderful. I see you’re getting right to work. I knew I’d made the right choice. I pride myself on knowing the strengths and abilities of each of my employee. I thought we might grab a bit to eat. Get acquainted. Talk about your responsibilities – though it doesn’t look like you need me to get you started.”

“I’d enjoy that very much, Mr. Socket. Thanks you.” She closed her laptop – but not before carefully saving revenge.docx.

She clearly heard the words “That’s a good girl” reverberate in her head, but she was getting used to it.



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