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Zoot’s Garden

And I know him as Zoot

image by zoot

image by zoot

A complex man drawn in 140 characters

He blooms, flourishes, embellishes, offends

The words he sows rebuffed by those who

Trade in trivia, minutia and niceties


I know him as Zoot

He knows himself.

Constrained by a world that worships the average

He lashes out, flailing against unseen opponents    

Imprisoned in their own dull sameness


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Gelato Dreams

I stumble upon the cold sugary delight in  Trasteveregelato

And know that one taste will not quell my desire

I stand before the Basilica Di Santa Maria 

My gelato disappears before it is consumed by  hungry lips

Melted by the warmth of a Roman summer


And again

Overlooking the harbor of that tiny Tuscan fishing village

That kisses the Tyrrhenian Sea

Finding only two geleterias in Porto Ercole

We chose the one without whipped cream

“We must have whipped cream with our gelato” I declare

And go off with the intent but not the language  

I pantomime and whoosh and came back with the prize I seek

And a new word:  panna


Much later, flying north out of Fiumicino

Over the Tyrrhenian Sea

I peer out my window searching for my trombolo 

I see it

Clinging to the coastline by three thin stalks


I close my eyes and dream of gelato


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Low Tide

lowIt smells

Of dead crabs, mire and diesel fuel

It reveals

Barnacles and beer cans

It reminds me

Of water moccasins and banana sandwiches

It sounds like

Squish, splatter, sluice, and

Bare feet freeing themselves from muck

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Hubble Wows With New Images | Universe Today

Hubble Wows With New Images | Universe Today

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