My Vade Mecum of the Infinite

….I have found the suitcase open, collecting snow,

still holding your vade mecum of the infinite,

 The Lost Suitcase by Carolyn Forché

It would be nice to have a handbook that contained everything I ever needed to know about anything. I once had a Brownie Scout Handbook. Then a Girl Scout Handbook. Then, much later, a Big Book. But the only thing I could carry with me all the time was “a great big Brownie smile” and I often forgot to put that on. It’s amazing how much stuff I carry around now. This morning, for example, I carried 

  1. Kindle
  2. cell phone
  3. iPod
  4. shampoo
  5. soap
  6. towel
  7. lock
  8. lotion
  9. deodorant
  10.  face cream
  11.  make-up
  12. hairbrush
  13.  comb
  14.  wallet
  15. keys
  16. clear nail polish
  17. toothpaste and toothbrush
  18. eyeglasses
  19. sunglasses
  20. bills to pay
  21. checkbook
  22. stamps
  23. return address labels
  24. Oxford Magazine
  25. Advil
  26. Scrunchies
  27. Gym entry card
  28. Diet Dr. Pepper
  29. Knee brace

 John left with his keys and a wallet. Why is my life so complicated?



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2 responses to “My Vade Mecum of the Infinite

  1. Because… women prepare for every eventuality. That’s a fact. If a woman does not have something she will panick therefore creating a scene which goes against her reputation. A man can typically shrug it off.

    Basically, we are the all knowing and emotional species.

    (this was in no way meant to reduce the female down to gibbering, walking phobics of anything happening, but to reiterate that I do the same too).

  2. Some people just like to have a lot of stuff with them. I generally overpack and bring all types of clothing to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Usually don’t use it…

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