Healthcare – No Joking Matter

Some people are worried about their health care coverHealth Care Nowage   We should be.   If we don’t do something about it soon, it will get much worse.  Obviously the millions who currently have no coverage may wonder how could it get worse?   It could, and in a sense, has already gotten worse over the last twenty years.  Furthermore with more people unemployed and underemployed, millions more people will join the ranks of the uninsured. 

I will predict this much.  Something regarding health insurance will pass the Congress this year.  Whether it will be worth anything is the big question.  Sometimes the concessions made to get enough votes to pass legislation water down the final product so much so that it is a hollow victory.  Something is not always better than nothing.  Our health care system doesn’t need a band-aid; it needs major surgery.

 Yes, it is indeed a dilemma.  We need something and we’ll get something.  But will it do the job?  Aye, that’s the rub.

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