What Every Dog Lover Knows

darcy kisses

  • It is not nasty to let a dog kiss you on the lips
  • When a dog is really happy she curls up her upper lip. That is not a snarl.
  • There is no such thing as “people food” – everything is dog food. Especially that roast beef you left on the counter – and it’s okay.
  • Christmas trees look better without ornaments at the bottom.
  • Dogs are not thinking dirty thoughts when they watch you having sex. They are just amused.
  • $400 a month for a dog walker is not extravagant.
  • Neither is $40 for a case of dog food.
  • A girl dog can never have too many sweaters. If they could the people at PetSmart wouldn’t keep selling them to me.
  • No one notices the tooth marks on my suede boot or the piano bench and if they do – so what.
  • There is nothing odd about riding 400 miles with a 60-pound Samoyed on your lap. It isn’t like I have much choice. That has been his seat since we brought him home from the breeder.
  • Yes, I do think they are human
  • My Dalmatian is smarter than your honor roll student

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