For @Lilyofoz

We meet in a place where strangers are nourished by strangers

Where we our own words are fed back to us, merged with lily of oz

Colors gone from our own palette

The mood is chartreuse.

We are the blind man exploring the elephant.

We trend. We drift. We meander

Between rivers and tear drops.

A spiral.  

No longer prisoners of our own geography

We gather around

The campfires of gypsies

And dream each others’ dreams.



Filed under Breadcrumbs, Poetry

2 responses to “For @Lilyofoz

  1. I really love that line, “We are the blind man exploring the elephant”. Nail on the head… Simplistically stylish and beautiful, holds your hands and leads you through without pushing.

    Many thanks!


  2. i would dream a dream
    around the campfire
    with you
    any day Brenda

    i love our poem, it rocked my world today 🙂
    (in that lullaby way) ~~~thank you my faraway but near, friend~~~


    a poem is on the wind
    its ashy, with smoke and eyes
    i hear it speak in orange
    i hear it speak of caravans
    and green hills topped with fire circles
    on the rolling thunder
    i wait for it to arrive

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