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For @Lilyofoz

We meet in a place where strangers are nourished by strangers

Where we our own words are fed back to us, merged with lily of oz

Colors gone from our own palette

The mood is chartreuse.

We are the blind man exploring the elephant.

We trend. We drift. We meander

Between rivers and tear drops.

A spiral.  

No longer prisoners of our own geography

We gather around

The campfires of gypsies

And dream each others’ dreams.



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Poetry Thursday


One summer I drive across Texas forever.
Wheels spinning.
Lights flashing.
Cows mooing.
I don’t stop. Clouds fall from the sky. Oil wells spill out onto a too brown landscape making it look like a sloppily iced sheet cake.
The kind my mother used to bake.
I drive on.
The highway rises up to meet the cloudless sky. I folllow it.
Better than driving in circles.


The Black Dog

The black dog sleeps in the cradle while the baby howls.
“My dear, did you notice?
The mantle clock stopped at four.”
Breathe now.
Your essence clouds the mirror of my soul,
while this finger traces the cat’s cradle of your brow.


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