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Next month I’ll be going to the Taos Summer Writing Conference to take a memoir workshop with Barbara Robinette Moss.   My memoir is about my time on a commune just north of Taos in Embudo, New Mexico.  This is an excerpt from the memoir.

 While Stephen struggled to get the Triumph running again I tried to keep busy reading, writing letters and housekeeping chores. I washed our clothes in the Rio Grande and laid them out to dry on the rocks. I decorated our cabin with wildflowers that I collected on walks by the river. But our meager diet had taken its toll. I slept a great deal – sometimes in our cabin, sometimes on the sun warmed rocks behind the commune.  Stephen accused me of being lazy.  “Instead of lounging around all the time, why don’t you do something to help me?”

I was baffled. “What can I do to help you? Just tell me and I’ll do it.”

He threw a wrench against the already broken windshield. “For one thing you could figure out what we are going to do for a windshield.”

I wrote to Aunt Gladys telling her that we needed a windshield for a 1959 Triumph TR3. I walked to the Embudo Post Office and mailed the letter. In a few weeks she wrote back that she had found a windshield in a junkyard in Greensboro and that she was shipping it to me by bus. I could pick up the windshield at the Trailways depot in Espanola.   I hitchhiked to Espanola alone. The windshield was there just as she promised. The only problem was going to be getting it back to Embudo. I stood by the highway for hours waiting for a ride. Finally a semi pulled over. The truck driver helped me lift the windshield into the compartment behind his cab and drove me to Embudo.

It was dark when I got there. 



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