skidmore 2008The IWWG Summer Conference begins tomorrow. This annual conference is the high point of my year.  Here is just a tiny peek. This is a short poem I wrote last yeat in Myra Shapiro’s workshop after the “portrait exercise”.  Each year Myra picks a theme and a poem. Last year the theme was  “what shapes us” and our poem was Romanesque Arches by Tomas Transtomer.  If you want to know more join us for the magic next year. Myra might let you write on the blackboard.

She is a rose.
Once her roots snaked down into dust and sucked hungrily.
She grew wise without growing old.
She is a rose.
Plucked from the ancient garden
from earth loosened by loving fingers.
Now she will bloom forever
behind a glass
encircled in gold
bejeweled with precious thorns.

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