Look Up

This is a portrait of Susan Delaney. She is an explorer, an observer, a thinker and a star gazer. I have never met her face to face, but I’ve met her on Twitter.  This is for @susandelaney



Feet firmly planted,  her eyes search the heavens delving into secrets long stowed out of sight.

Her eyes weave and dart with a life of their own as her feet follow a trail past wild blueberries that grow among glacial rocks.

Her eyes are open

to the Blue Snowball of Andromeda, to double stars and the faint galaxies in Pegasus

Her eyes are open

to a light that dimmed 3900 light years ago

She marks the season by the stars and when they fade she carves a constellation of memories into spare poems dense with meaning:

aphrodite luminous wonder unbridled kali gaia cosmos

“You hear me

do you listen?”

Her eyes are open.

 Her body remembers.


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