I Dream About Dead People

I dream about dear peopleI dream about dead people. Last night it was Norma. She made me get out of the car before she pulled down the steep, winding ramp into the parking garage.

“You have to walk down.”

In the space between sleeping and waking I know why I dream of the dead and I know why I shouldn’t follow Norma.

I sleep again and dream of a dead husband. I talk about him to a member of The Nighthawks – an old bar band that rocked DC 30 years ago. Even asleep I know it is the name and not the band that is significant. Nighthawks.

So many dead. I try to sleep again. It is just after 4:00 am. My dog Arlo seems disturbed too. Did the Nighthawks trouble his sleep too? He rises on his hind legs to look out into the back yard and he whines.

“Hop up, Arlo” I whisper. I don’t want to disturb John. I pat my pillow and Arlo curls up where my head was before the Nighthawks came. I move closer to John. It is nearly 4:30. In just one hour the whirring of my Cuisinart Grind and Brew will signal the beginning of a new day.

I remember an article in which a young Thai woman spoke about the thousands who perished in a tsunami: “Some might go to heaven, some might go to hell. But the desperate ones are still wandering around. They might get lonely. They can’t contact anybody. They don’t know what’s going on.”

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4 responses to “I Dream About Dead People

  1. ginger

    I have. Not in a long time, but I have. Meeting my father in law for the first time in my dream, having him say “its nice to meet you, finally”.. surreal. Did it really happen? He’s not here physically but we feel him nearby all the time, working for us, taking care of us.

    I’ve dreamed of friends who have passed tragically, just stopping in to say goodbye. It’s sad to wake up from, yet in a way it’s comforting.

    There is one I wish I would dream of.. I wish would come and visit me, let me know she is ok. Her death haunts me most. I’m still waiting.

  2. brendamantz

    Thank you for comment, Ginger. It would be my guess that our experiences are not unusual. Brenda

  3. Funny you have so many gingers commenting on this post!

    Beautifully written and thought provoking… I don’t believe in God, or heaven or hell, so I imagine dreaming of dead people is more us yearning for their voice and reason rather than them reaching out to us – but in that way, it reinforces the importance they had in our lives and how they’ll never truly need us as they live on in our dreams.

    • brendamantz

      Hi Ginger #2 — Thanks for your comments. Thought provoking. They might end up being the subject of a future blog.

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