On Deck


It’s only Thursday but my mind is already drifting toward the weekend. I spend most weekends at Mill Creek. Sitting here in my living in Falls Church watching the late news I can transport myself back to the house on Mill Creek. I am listening. I hear birds, water slapping against the pilings and the shore, distant hammering, a plane. And the television. Also in the distance. Television makes me feel comfortable, like there is someone here with me. I hear the theme from Law and Order. I am sitting on my wicker chaise on the deck. The one with the green pillows. The sun is toasting my face and my toes. Darcy is inside – probably on my bed. Arlo is stretched out in the shade. Proof dogs are smarter than humans. Good dogs. An afternoon passes. Nothing changes. I listen to the same lapping waves, a jet going to or from Patuxent Naval Air Station…and now NCIC is buzzing in the background. The sun is still warm enough to warm my face. I have opened a diet Pepsi and munched a few cashews and I’m thinking about driving down to Stoney’s for some she crab soup. That is the rest of the story.

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